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Open 9pm to 9am during Term Time

Service Update:

Mon- Fri, 9pm-9am: We will be available through calls and we will also be providing free products from our building.

Sat-Sun, 9pm-1am: We will be available through our instant messaging service.

We will also be available through emails everyday (replies within 48 hours)

Our service will be closed on the 1st and 6th of December (Wednesday Week 9 and Monday Week 10)



9pm – 9am

Drop In

The Nightline building is located between New and Old Rootes.

9pm – 9am

Instant Messaging

Contact us here



[email protected]

Email is always open, even during the holidays

About Us

Nightline is a student-run, confidential, and non-judgmental peer-to-peer support listening service. It is open from 9pm to 9am every night of term and our trained volunteers are happy to listen to anything you may wish to discuss. Nothing is too difficult or too trivial to be worth mentioning.

You don’t have to have a problem to speak to us. We do our best to be approachable and we would never think less of someone because they wanted to talk; after all, that’s why we’re here. Don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable discussing personal matters, because we won’t push you to tell us anything you don’t want to – but know that you really can talk to us about whatever you like and this will be held in the strictest of confidence.

We are simply here to listen.

We also provide pregnancy tests, attack alarms, condoms, tampons, sanitary towels, lube, earplugs, tea, and biscuits for free.